Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Group

This morning as usual, I woke up at 6:30 to start my day. Soon after I'm ready, or at least ready enough I get the kids dress while Mitch gets ready for work. We all head downstairs where I fix breakfast and make Mitch a lunch. This is our Monday through Friday morning routine. At 8:05 Mitch heads out to work and the kids and I head out to their school. The kids love their school! I then head back home and start on work. Sometimes work takes me all day, but most days it only takes me a couple of hours to complete. Today I was able to wrap everything up within 30 minutes. This was perfect because I really needed to prepare for home group.

About 2 months ago Mitch, the kids and I finally started going to church. We've had a hard time finding one we liked, and to be honest we weren't really even looking that hard, but we found one, and we love it! Ridge Pointe is a great church! I've come to re-know an old high school friend Kim, there, and I've become friends with the youth pastor and his wife Anthony and Katie. We feel so welcome at that church and our kids love it too. Recently Mitch and I started working with the youth. I felt so awkward with it at first but as I'm getting the know the kids and their getting use to me I'm really liking it, and I can't wait to do whatever I can with them. The church had members who were interested to to sign up for "home groups,  a bible study group that is held in your home or another church member's home.

Last week was the first week of home group. Our group consists of April and her husband David, Kim and Josh, Mitch, and I, along with all of our kids. We're all in the same stage of life with toddlers. We have dinner together, and afterwards our kids play while the adults have a chance to do a small bible study of what was preached Sunday. Last week our group was held at April's house and this week it was my turn to host. Home group went great tonight! The discussion was on breaking bread and loving God and your neighbor, which is what Jesus said is the greatest commandment. Our group is so funny! I love how honest everyone is, we get along so well and I really enjoy the company.

This morning I clean the house and start getting the house ready for tonight. I make a few phone calls to friends to pass the time until it was time for me to pick up the kids at 12. Everyday when I pick up the kids Skylar's class is playing on the playground and Maddox's class is getting ready to lay down for a nap. I get Maddox out of his room and take him to the playground with Skylar and I let them play until Skylar's class goes in. I then take the kids home for a quick snack and then its off to nap. Everyday at this time I clean and fight the urge to take a nap myself, some times I win, but most of the time the nap urge within me wins. Today I had a nap...oh well. After nap the kids and I  hurries off to the grocery store because I realized that I had forgotten a few things for tonight's dinner. Once we get home all I have time to do is cook. I made a chicken marsala, bread, and chicken nuggets for the kids. April brought over cabbage and a mac n cheese casserole, and Kim brought over a green bean casserole. The dinner was yummy! The bible study went great, I love that I can be with a group of people and talk about God.

The night wrapped up and Kim realized while she was trying to leave that her car battery was dead. No one had jumper cables so Mitch had to go down the street to our neighbors to borrow some, poor Kim, but we were able to jump her off. Our night went great and tomorrow is youth night. You know its funny, a few months ago we were out of the church loop completely, and now we're doing something with the church at least 3 times a week. Its kind of weird but oh so great. I love the way my life is going, I love the new people in my life. I'm finally on the track that I need to be on.
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