Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too cute not to share

At the end of Skylar's kindergarten year, graduation pictures were made. By the time Maddox entered kindergarten we were in a different school, and I didn't realize that this new school doesn't do graduation pictures until after the year was over. Through out the summer I searched for a photographer that had a mini cap and gown but with no luck. After a while I dropped the ball in my search, but by the time 1st grade started I finally found a photographer who rented a cap and gown just for us. I figured that 4 months late is better than never and his picture turned out just precious!

A few cute moments from Maddox in these past couple of weeks were just too cute not to share, besides if I don't write them down (like I wish I had in the past) I'll forget.

YesTerday after school Maddox was complaining about all his classmates being Carolina Gamecock fans and that he is the only Clemson fan. LOL, for my children to have parents who could care less about sports (including their father), my kids sure are some hard core Clemson fans. A few weeks back, or maybe a month or so ago, I don't know, my grandma asked Maddox, why are you a Clemson fan, to which he replied, "I don't know grandma, I was just born that way." haha silly boy. Skylar is just as big of a fan. It must be because of their aunt, Mitch's sister Brianna. She went to Clemson. We even took Skylar to the Clemson campus for a tour when she was 7 because she said that is where she wants to go to college.

Days back I was petting Maddox's hair and he asked me to stop, well I didn't so he bit me! And it left a mark...and yes I spanked him, it hurt! I had to spank him for him to let up off his bite, stinker.

About a week ago I asked him to sit in my lap for a snuggle, he refused, but a minute later he asked for a treat (a second snack before dinner). Well! Since I didn't get my snuggle, no second snack for him. He agreed to finally give me a snuggle but he tooted on me the entire time :/

A cute word Maddox has been using is "focus-straight" instead of concentrate lol.


Mitch had the day off today, so we got to enjoy a lunch date for the first time since school has started back. We went to Quaker for some wings :) then to the store to pick up some Draino, our kitchen sink is clogged. Anyways, while in the store I was joking with Mitch saying, you know fall is coming when everything comes out in pumpkin flavor. Just then I spotted pumpkin flavored Bluemoon beer, pumpkin harvest ale. I'm enjoying it now :)
After school, homework takes over most of my afternoon, not to mention we have 2 extras hanging out, Skylar and Maddox's friends Cadence and Gabe, but I love having them :)

Before dinner we worked out in the yard. Mitch mowed, I pulled weeds and the boys were getting fussed at for messing with a fire ant hill... boys (sigh). They finally moved on to finding large green, and brown fuzzy caterpillars. The girls stayed inside playing barbies. After the friends left Maddox read with daddy, his reading and spelling is so impressive! Especially since last year. Skylar is doing well reading chapter books on her own, I am so proud of her love for reading. For dinner we had tacos and it was a good day :)

Right now I am cuddling with this sweet stray kitten that has been coming around for the past 3 days. She's so skinny, but so sweet. I guess with me feeding her, we'll be seeing more of her. I'm thinking of naming her Pumkin :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day In VA Beach

Last weekend we took a trip up to Virginia to spend Labor day weekend with my sister and her husband. It was expected to rain that weekend, with hurricane Issac out there causing trouble, but it stayed sunny for us and we got to enjoy 2 full days at the beach and one full day at the pool. It was a great end of the summer vacation and we were grateful for my sister and her husband's hospitality and their free "beach home" for us ;)

Our highlights of the trip of course were the moments at the beach, but the kids also enjoyed playing with their dog Boozer (a dog or cat is a special treat for them), baking cookies, eating out at probably one of the best seafood restaurants out that way, Beach Pub, watching the kids feed the seagulls, and not to mention witnessing Shane (my brother in law) but his foot in his mouth when he called my pregnant sister a whale LOL. To his defense, he wasn't referring to her size. Jessica was swimming under water, thinking she was going to sneak up on her husband, she's all smiles under the clear water too. When she pops up Shane laughs saying, "Jessica, you can't sneak up on me, you're as obvious as a whale." LOL! He tried to recover but it was too late, even the lifeguard near by had a chuckle lol.

Our lowlight, so to speak, was the long drive (well worth it though), us forgetting the beach chairs, but a trip to store made that a quick fix, oh and Mitch getting his first speeding ticket in 10 years. Yuck! And on our first day to the beach too. Mitch was a good sport about it, but it still stinks.

Here are some photos of our trip:

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