Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Thanks

*thankful that Maddox is on his way to being potty trained

*thankful for my family

*thankful for my friends

*Ridge pointe church

*My home

*for the left overs from yesterday's home group...Kim made an awesome dip

*That Sunday Brianna tweased my eyebrows

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday's Thanks

*Thankful for a wonderful church service today. It was geared towards men and the message was awesome, I look forward to the other related services over the next 3 weeks.

*Thankful that I didn't have to cook all day today. Had lunch and dinner over at Mitch's parent's house. Had chilly for lunch and hot dogs for dinner.

*Enjoyed a golf cart ride with Mitch and the kids. I got to drive :)

*Thankful for a stress free day

*Thankful for my husband's sweetness

*Kids were very well behaved today

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday's Thanks

*Thankful that I woke up this morning feeling refreshed

*Thankful for the cuddle time I had with my children

*Thankful for the family time spend at my in-laws

*Thankful for the cuddle time spent with my husband today

Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Thanks

*Thankful for my computer and internet

*Thankful for my wonderful home which I love

*Thankful for discipleship

*Thankful that my dinner turned out good tonight

*Thankful for my wine

*Thankful for my husband and my children and their love


Ok there is this website that I use to help keep my house clean. When I bought my house with my husband over 2 years ago I had so much pride in my home. I wanted to show my pride by keeping my house clean at all times. My friend suggested this great website! Its its so great! On this website it teaches you how to keep your house clean and it helps you with baby steps. You start by shining your sink, and then by every day getting dressed from head to toe, hair, make up and all. Once you are really ready to start cleaning and keep your house clean it gives you daily chores to do, one step at a time of course. It is not at all over whelming and some how my house is cleaner with only doing one or two things with in a day than as before when I tried to clean my entire house all at once. It has me cleaning in places I've never thought of, like the top of my refrigerator, and the baseboard on the wall. You detail clean your house little by little. Its so great. This website is actually geared towards people who aren't cleaners at all, and who have a really messy house. The flylady helps the people get out the the rut that they are in little by little. There are other things to this website as well, like teaching you to take care of your self, and to always be company ready. That goes for you, your appearance and your house. I love it when company comes over, even unexpected company, but I hate it when they come over and the house is a mess, Maddox is wearing nothing but a diaper, I'm in my pjs, my hair is a mess, and my eyeliner is smeared from the day before (I'd like to think that all moms know what I'm talkin about). When I first found this website I was so into it, because its so darn fabulous. But recently, like a few months ago I just stopped using it....shame on me and it really showed in my house...even though I was still cleaning every day. Well now a week ago I am back on track and I wanted to share with everyone this great website that has helped me keep my house so clean.

Thursday's Thanks

*Thankful that Skylar felt well enough to go back to school

*Thankful that my house is clean, and that I have flylady to help me get it done

*Thankful for Shelley and Meleah yesterday who watched my babies for me, I am also thankful for their friendship...Brianna's too.

*Thankful for my job, and that it keeps me busy, and pays me well enough to put my babies in school and pay for Christmas gifts

*Thankful for The Pointe youth group. And for the church Ridge Pointe church. So many wonderful changes within me and around me have happened because of this church.

*Thankful for my wonderful husband Mitch

*Thankful for Anthony and Katie

*Thankful that I got to eat pizza at youth yesterday and didn't have to cook

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I was thankful for yesterday

I am so thanful for:

*Being able to go Christmas shopping with my daughter Skylar.

*Being able to afford a new Thanksgiving outfit for Skylar and I.

*Having an excuse every Wednesday to cook for friends and discuss how I feel about God.

*For my friends...I love all of them

*For my grill, without our meals just wouldn't be as good

*For my wonderful explorer that can take me and my family anywhere

*My kitchen table that was big enough for my company yesterday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Am So Blessed

I told Mitch that I was a lucky person for all that I have, but he corrected me telling me it wasn't luck but blessings from God....So I am so blessed for all that I have!

I have a wonderful husband who I love and who loves me. I have 2 beautiful children who are very precious and well behaved. I am even blessed enough to stay home with my babies. I am thankful to have a very loving family both from my side and Mitch's side that love us very much. I am so thankful for my beautiful home, and our very cute pets. I have a job from my dad that pays so very well and lets me stay home with the kids. I am blessed with so much and I have so much to give thanks for. So this blog will be a diary for me to give thanks for all my wonderful blessings

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008

I'm a little late posting on Halloween, but I've been too sick to blog about anything.

Only a couple of days before Halloween we were finally able to get around to carving our pumpkins. The kids had so much fun! Maddox kept saying ewwwww as he pulled out the seeds. The kids eyes lit up with excitement with the finishing touch of a lit candle.

The night before Halloween Mitch and I were at the youth building volunteering, our typical Thursday night as of late. Mitch and I dressed up as John McCain and Sara Palin. Anthony and Katie, who are our close friends and the youth pastor, were dressed up as a redneck and and woopie cushion. The youth of course looked pretty scary! Everyone enjoyed themselves eating junk food and listening to the message Anthony preached.

On Friday the kids were able to dress up for school. Skylar was a mermaid and Maddox was a mobster. Both of them were too cute. They had a Halloween party at school and received tons of candy.

Halloween night with hosted my grandma, Mitch's parents, his brother Derrick and his wife Ivey along with their son Corbin.  Mitch and his dad put together a hayride for us and some of the neighbors to use as we went trick or treating. We started at 7 and had a blast staying out until 9. Before we laid the kiddos down for the night, Mitch and I got busy inspecting the candy, allowing the kids only a few treats before bed.

A week later we still have too much candy! I have to hide these treats from the kids so they don't eat too much and end up with a belly ache.

That same night, my sweet black cat Mr. Lola came home! I was sure that we would never see him again. I am so glad that he is home, I was especially worried about him, with it being Halloween.
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