Monday, April 25, 2011

Jumping Back into Routine

I am back from my trip to Haiti and what an amazing and spiritual trip that was! I plan on blogging about it later in the week along with pictures and videos. As for today and the rest of my week I am going to have to get back to normal! Which means working, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, homework, soccer games, and schedules. I took some time off from blogging and from my Good Morning Girls preparing and leaving for my trip, and then I continued my time off when I returned because of spring break with the kiddos and my husband.

Below is a sneak peak into my cleaning week, each week I'm in a different "zone" in my home and this week I'm working in my living room. I do try to keep a Weekly Schedule and a Daily Schedule. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any cleaning tips you may have along with a link to your blog site. If you too are just getting back from spring break I hope that you have a wonderful week jumping back into normal.

(Purple stays the same while the black changes from week to week)

Monday: Take out all trash, sweep & mop all rooms,  dust, Vacuum all rooms, water plant, Polish mirrors and doors, clean sheets, Grocery shop, Get rid of any and all clutter in my living room. If I don't use it, love it, or if it doesn't bring me joy when I look at it, I need to toss it or donate it.

Tuesday: Dust the tops of door jambs, tops of pictures, molding, windows, corners of the ceiling and the tops of the curtains 

Wednesday: Work Meeting, Clean up yard, Dust the decorative items in my living room

Thursday: Detail floor cleaning, sweep it, dust it, mop it.

Friday: Finish laundry, Clean out car, Clean playroom, Light a candle and bring in some flowers :)

Saturday: Clean out fridge
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