Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its easy to count the ways

I am married to an amazing man. He is a loving husband, and a wonderful father. Here are a few of the many reason that I love him:

*He is of course very attractive. He has a wonderful smile, beautiful brown eyes, and dresses very well.

*He finds me attractive :)

*He's strong physically and has a strong personality. I don't think he has ever met a stranger.

*He is dominate and a good leader

*Very intelligent, a good thinker and ambitious. He has so many wonderful ideas

*He makes me laugh

*He's an excellent provider, and a hard worker providing me with a wonderful home and taking care of our family. He is also very responsible.

*He has taken me to many wonderful places

*Outside of work he gives me most of his time

*He's a good kisser

*Gives good massages

*Good cook

*Keeps up with the yard work

My husband is an amazing man and he's my friend and I love him so very much! <3
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