Thursday, June 4, 2009

My 24th Birthday

My 24th birthday fell on a Saturday this year. Maddox woke me up at 7am by jumping on the bed and yelling, its "sun shinnin mommy!" Determined that I was going to sleep in I told him to go wake his daddy, who has only been in bed for about 4 hours because he works late bartending. Mitch got up when Skylar walked into the room and he gathered up my birthday present he had bought and the birthday cards that he had collected from the mail. It was nice opening them all up on my birthday morning. Maddox sang to me Happy Birthday. Skylar did not join in, I guess she was too sleepy. My present from Mitch was my Victoria Secret lotions and sprays.

Mitch took the kids downstairs and I went back to sleep and slept in til 11. This is the first time I've been able to sleep in, in about 5 months. It was so nice!

When I came downstairs Mitch was asleep on the couch. Poor thing, and poor kids. Before lunch Mitch took the kids to grandmas. He stayed over there pulling up her fence. I chilled out at home doing some deep cleaning for some reason on my birthday.

Mitch came back home pretty early, around 4 I think and we got ready and went to Greenville to celebrate. We started out going to the mall to go shopping. I bought myself a few outfits. Then we went to Azia for appetizers. I ordered a cosmo and together Mitch and I spilt the most beautiful and delicious sushi. One roll was a rainbow roll, the other a volcano. They both lived up to their names. They were sooooo good.

Next we went to Old Navy and I got some flip flops.

Afterwards we went to dinner at P.F. Chang's. I ordered the duck and it was so juicy and tender. I was nervous about getting the duck because only once when I was 16 did I have duck that I liked. Ever since all the ducks I have had have only been mediocre, but not this duck, I was very pleased. Mitch had the kungpow chicken I think....

We were going to go to MiMi's Cafe for dessert but we decided to go to Quaker Steak for drinks instead. I ordered a Strawberry daiquiri which came with a rose. From then on out I had a mixed lemonade drink that the bartender recommended. Mitch drank beer. While there the UFC fighting game was on so Mitch and I enjoyed ourselves watching it.

Mitch and I had a lot of fun on my birthday. Mitch made it very special for me and I love him very much!

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