Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Sunday

Sunday's Accomplishments

Yesterday was full and busy from the time we got up until the time we were able to settle down at 8pm.

*We had Starting Point class at church at 10 am. Which is a class we're taking before we join the church.

*At 11:30 am we had church service. The service was on encouraging others, and how our words matter.

LOL the poor kids have to go through 2 of the same services every week in kids church because Mitch and I take a class, then do service, but I think they both still have fun. This morning Shelly, Mitch's mom, brought our nephew Corbin with her for the 10 am service. The kids love playing with Corbin. Every Sunday Mitch and I give the kids a dollar each to give to the offering in kids church. Not realizing it, but Mitch and I accidentally made Corbin feel left out by not giving him a dollar. I realized it after we already dropped the kids off and walked out. Fortunately we were able to hurry back to him :) we have to be mindful to bring an extra dollar every week for him too!

*After church we had lunch at Costco. I had a turkey wrap, Mitch had a hot dog and the kids had pizza, and for dessert we had churros. It was all pretty good.

*Then we went to Old Navy and got Skylar some much needed summer time clothes, about a weeks worth for now. They look so good on her!

*Then we headed back to Costco for groceries

*Back home for the kids to have a quick nap. Mitch and I also rested for a bit on the couch watching tv together

*I then threw together a green bean casserole to take with us to Life Group, which is like a bible study with a lot of fun with friends and food.

*The kids were babysat at the church but the Life Group was held at Pastor Tim's house. Tim is one of the 5 or 6 associate pastors at our church. He also leads our Starting Point class.

*We got home around 8 and put the kids down for the night. Mitch and I spent our evening catching up on Lost, eating grapes, goat cheese and crackers and lovin on each other ;)
Before we fell asleep we both read a few chapters out of our bibles (on our phone through You Version) separately and then fell asleep.

I am loving this awesome time with my family and my husband, and I just pray that the good times never stop :)

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