Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our First ER Trip

Since the birth of my children we have experienced many firsts together, most have been joyful, but last week our kiddos had an accident in the pool and we experience our first ER trip.

(Caution, graphic photos are below)

What lead up to this horrific event was just another day at the pool. Mitch was in the water with the kids, throwing them one at a time up into the air and letting them splash down into the water, like we've done a 1000 times before. Only this time a miscalculation was made and when Skylar was thrown up into the air she came crashing down onto her brother. Blood was everywhere and they were screaming and crying. Still in our bathing suits and a cover up we rushed to the hospital where we were told Skylar would need 4 stitches in her chin and Maddox would need 4 staples in his head. Thankfully we were seen right away and the nurses there were amazing and gave us over the top treatment, care, and attention. The kids were put in separate rooms, for the best I'm sure, and Mitch stayed with Maddox while I stayed with Skylar. Mitch and I kept each other updated through the phone even though we were just a couple rooms down from each other. My Maddox was so brave during his procedure and though Skylar was nervous, she did very well and held still while getting her stitches. They're healing up great now and both are scheduled to have their staples and stitches removed in a few days.

Here are some of the pictures from our visit. 

My precious Maddox in good spirits

Still smiling :)

Ouch! Before

I think the After is worse!

My very nervous but still very brave Skylar

Before (I can't look)


I moved Skylar and I into Maddox's room after they were done

They got several medical glove balloons out of this trip ;)

As I mention before, they are healing up great and I am just now letting them venture out farther than the couch ;) . Have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer, but please stay safe!


Amy said...

I'm glad everyone's okay; I know that must have been frightening for you. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of summer!


SparingChange said...

Queasy. That's what I am right now. Oh my goodness. I dont know how you dealt with the blood those two wounds must of let out of your precious ones. I'm so glad everyone is OK and the ER got to you right away.

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