Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Music Camp

Skylar and Maddox have had music camp this week at the church. Mason, Jojo, and I have to figure out how to entertain ourselves for the 3 hours that they're gone, and since driving home 30 minutes away doesn't seem worth it we have spent our mornings at chick-fil-a.

After camp I take the kids to my mom's to go swimming. On Monday the kids found a bat in the patio umbrella! Skylar and Maddox came running, shouting "mom look! A precious bat!"

Ahhhh! The kids were oooo-ing and awe-ing while I was trying to keep my cool long enough to take his picture.

Yesterday after music camp Skylar and Maddox were able to bring 2 friends over to swim and spend the night. I love watching them have fun with their friends.

I hope they're enjoying their summer! But a part of me is ready for structure and getting back into the routine of school.

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