Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Calhoun Field Trip

Our homeschool group organized a field trip to Calhoun Produce and my sister and her kids were able to join us! In the spring Calhouns offers a pick your own strawberry patch, but in the fall they have a very large corn maze to get lost in.

look at the alligator!

We separated into groups for the corn maze, Jessica and I, along with the 4 babies were in a group with Skylar, Maddox, other big kids their moms, but the babies were moving too slow, and we let the rest of the group move on without us. We were enjoying ourselves until we realized that we were lost and the babies started melting down because they were tired! I'm not sure how long our group waited for us to get out, but when we finally emerged from the corn field we were told that they were thinking of sending out a search and rescue lol. I'm glad we made it out, and though the babies were getting tired we still had a lot of fun exploring.

The field trip ended with Calhoun's pig races.

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