Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008

I'm a little late posting on Halloween, but I've been too sick to blog about anything.

Only a couple of days before Halloween we were finally able to get around to carving our pumpkins. The kids had so much fun! Maddox kept saying ewwwww as he pulled out the seeds. The kids eyes lit up with excitement with the finishing touch of a lit candle.

The night before Halloween Mitch and I were at the youth building volunteering, our typical Thursday night as of late. Mitch and I dressed up as John McCain and Sara Palin. Anthony and Katie, who are our close friends and the youth pastor, were dressed up as a redneck and and woopie cushion. The youth of course looked pretty scary! Everyone enjoyed themselves eating junk food and listening to the message Anthony preached.

On Friday the kids were able to dress up for school. Skylar was a mermaid and Maddox was a mobster. Both of them were too cute. They had a Halloween party at school and received tons of candy.

Halloween night with hosted my grandma, Mitch's parents, his brother Derrick and his wife Ivey along with their son Corbin.  Mitch and his dad put together a hayride for us and some of the neighbors to use as we went trick or treating. We started at 7 and had a blast staying out until 9. Before we laid the kiddos down for the night, Mitch and I got busy inspecting the candy, allowing the kids only a few treats before bed.

A week later we still have too much candy! I have to hide these treats from the kids so they don't eat too much and end up with a belly ache.

That same night, my sweet black cat Mr. Lola came home! I was sure that we would never see him again. I am so glad that he is home, I was especially worried about him, with it being Halloween.

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