Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday's Thanks

*Thankful that Skylar felt well enough to go back to school

*Thankful that my house is clean, and that I have flylady to help me get it done

*Thankful for Shelley and Meleah yesterday who watched my babies for me, I am also thankful for their friendship...Brianna's too.

*Thankful for my job, and that it keeps me busy, and pays me well enough to put my babies in school and pay for Christmas gifts

*Thankful for The Pointe youth group. And for the church Ridge Pointe church. So many wonderful changes within me and around me have happened because of this church.

*Thankful for my wonderful husband Mitch

*Thankful for Anthony and Katie

*Thankful that I got to eat pizza at youth yesterday and didn't have to cook

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