Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mission Trip To Haiti

I am so excited that God has given me another opportunity  to take a trip back to Haiti this April. I was there last July and it was heart warming, heart breaking and life changing.

We're going back to help a church that has set up a child sponsor feeding program, much like we did last time. Many children there are starving, and their parent's cannot afford to send them to school. This program provides a meal a day for these kids, a chicken or goat a month for the family, and pays for their school. This makes a huge impact on a child's life.We also have a whole bunch of shoes to take over, most of the kids there are bare foot and the grounds are covered in trash, broken glass, and a million other things that you would not want to be bare foot in. We're also taking over clothes, toys, and whatever else we can pack up. Our main goal is to love on these kids and get them sponsored!.

While there on my last trip I met these two little girls, their names are Jolica and Angie. I was able to sponsor Jolica and my mom is sponsoring her younger sister Angie. Jolica loved playing with my hair and hand clap games with me. Angie never once smiled and her clothes were worn and torn. My heart broke for them, hanging out in the church yard just waiting to be sponsored.

Here they are eating a sponsored meal for the first time.

This is Emmanuel. This charming little boy touched my heart so deeply that I can't stop my eyes from whaling up with tears as I type about him. I was there for a week and I saw him wear the same clothes every single day. He could not speak English and I could not speak Creole, but I was able to understand him tell me that he was hungry. This was my first day there, I had met my first starving child. I broke down and cried. He was soon sponsored by another girl. He ate his meal and it was the most joyful thing I had ever seen. He finished his meal and then finished the leftovers of others. I have heard it be said that you can't save them all and though this may be true, I saw one girl helped this one boy, a boy who wasn't able to before but is now able to eat everyday.

I hope to run into Emmanuel when I get back, along with Jolica, Angie and many others who have touched my heart. I want to be able to get others fired up about sponsoring these amazing children, in desperate need of love, food, and an education.

If you would like to make a one time donation to this trip, please click on the donate button below. Or you can send a check to my church, LifeSong Church. Just make it out to LifeSong Church with an attached note saying it is to me, Candice Brevard.

12481 Greenville HWY/ PO Box 159
Lyman SC 29365

All donations are tax detectable and are greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please visit 

Below is a video I created from the pictures that were taken on my last trip.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and support! 


Kathryn said...

God bless you and your faithful work and testimony!

Candice Brevard said...

Thank you Kathryn!

Candice Brevard said...

The trip was amazing! Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and for all of the donations!

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