Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Schedule

Are you feeling overwhelmed at home? Overextended? Frustrated with your kids? Embarrassed to have company over? All because you don't have time to clean?

Who doesn't have these days right? I know I do, and we all know that a messy house can create stress and unrest, even in our children. So what I have found that works best for me and my family is scheduling, even though I'm not a natural "scheduler".
This has actually helped me find more time for my family while at the same time keeping my house cleaner that its ever been before.

Thankfully 5 years ago I was introduced to a website called FlyLady, please click on the link to check her out. I have been able to use her website as a tool to create a schedule that eliminates Spring Cleaning. Ironically her website can seem a little cluttered to visitors lol, but her advice is effective and amazing.

There is no one schedule that is going to fit every family, so if you think scheduling will work for you, customize it to fit your own family's unique needs. A schedule should bless your family and help turn your home into a haven, so don't get so obsessed with getting a perfectly clean house that you push your kids away, or just give up all together (I've been there, done that on both sides). Put perfection aside, maybe even let your kids help if you have the patience ;) . Take breaks when you need them, love on your family, and so what if ( fill in the blank) isn't spotless when you crawl into bed at night, be satisfied with what you have accomplished.   

Below is my Daily Routine, tomorrow I will show you my Weekly Schedule. And with life being life, things don't always happen as planned, so sometimes I'm not able to get to a few things on my list or I do them out of order, and thats ok :)

 "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family" ~Flylady

Morning Routine

Shower then straighten bathroom
Get kids ready
make school lunches
Get kids off to school
feed dog
make beds
Check Calendar
Make a to do list
(hello 9am)
read a book or facebook/blog
Reboot laundry
Pick up kids

After School Routine

defrost dinner
Start on chores (from my weekly schedule)
Put away laundry
Play with babies
Children story time
finish to do list
If finished and kids are busy playing - fb/blog or read a book
Start on dinner

After Dinner Routine

Sweep floors
Clean up kitchen
Straighten up living room
Baby bath time
tidy up baby bathroom
Baby bed time
Me time (brush teeth, hair, pjs, stuff like that)
(hello 8pm)
Snuggle Mitch

Please come back tomorrow to see my Weekly Schedule, which involves a more detailed cleaning :)


Kathryn said...

Love love love this! Just exactly what I needed! I'm a scheduler by nature, yet I haven't ever made a daily schedule for our family. Thanks so much for posting

Candice Brevard said...

Thanks Kathryn! :)

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