Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tooth Fairy's Last Tooth?

Probably not, but we're getting close. This past week Skylar lost what I think might be her 8th tooth. I've lost count and I didn't even take a picture...shameful! For this last tooth she left a note for the fairy, along with a bottle of fairy dust as a gift and asked the fairy to write her back. So not only did I have to retrieve a small tooth in the middle of the night from underneath her head, but a bottle and a note as well, and then I had to return the note back under her pillow...this tooth fairy job is getting complicated. I think she wanted the note to prove to her knowing friends that she does actually exist, and I'm feeding this fantasy even further while other parents are spilling the beans. I think I was her age when I found out, maybe younger, I'm pretty sure I was 7 when I decided to test the fairy by leaving my tooth under the pillow without telling my mom that I had even lost my tooth. It was the ultimate test, which the fairy failed. I remember feeling so grown up knowing the truth, knowing a secret that the little kids didn't know, not at all traumatized, and yet I'm worried about telling Skylar and at the same time I'm so ready for her to figure it out already lol.

I love her fantasy and imagination though. She has become such a good writer, she loves writing short stories. I'm so proud of her and I hope that her love of reading and writing stays with her.

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