Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome to the world Gage!

This past weekend on Friday November 30th at 6:09 pm, my nephew Gage was born into this world weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. The proud parents are my sister Jessica and her husband Shane. And with their permission, I get to post pictures!

Here I am! A proud aunt! :)

Now let me back up to when my sister announced that she was in labor, and back up further to say that she has cried wolf before. So...Thursday night she's texting me, updating me on her pregnancy. She's at the hospital because she has high blood pressure, but informs me that the doctor says that her and the baby are fine and that she is not in labor. 10 minutes later she sends me this text, and I don't believer her lol:

Ha! Mom had to call me to let me know that she was for real, lol. So I packed my bags, called grandma and we left together first thing in the morning (she lives 8 hours away, so we thought it would be best not to drive all night in the middle of the night). The turkey text was because before she went into labor she mentioned that she had a frozen turkey and that she wanted to have a turkey dinner "Thanksmas" for when everyone came into town to see the baby, well thanksmas never happened lol. By the morning, she still hadn't given birth, I was relieved, because I was afraid I was going to miss it. Here is another text from my sister:

Ha! She's just hanging out having contractions, and texting, lol :)

As we're driving down the road we're getting updates from my sister and my mom on how she's doing. The entire time I was surprised, yet thankful she hadn't given birth yet. But about 30 minutes before we arrived, I called to check in and found out that she was pushing! "Oh no!" I thought, I just knew that the baby would be here and crying by the time I got up to her room. But I was wrong! We made it! And I got to take some pictures:

(Don't worry, all pictures are rated G...maybe PG)

Who smiles during labor? ^^ this girl ^^

^^ Grandma peeking in because she didn't want to fully be in the room

^ and my kids are just behind the curtain waiting and playing :)

I love how she let the entire family into the room, mom, dad, me, grandma, Shane's mom and grandma. The baby was to be born, surrounded by his family and an endless amount of love...and he was loved!

The baby was "sunny side up", as the doctor put it, and the breech baby could not come out. Jessica was heart broken. She wanted so bad to push him out, and she pushed so well!
But a c-section was best

And baby Gage was born!

^ time to go home

They had a large entourage ;)

The family is happy and safe at home now, and we were all glad to finally meet and welcome baby Gage into the world.

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