Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a lovely Christmas this year (as we do every year)! The kids announced at the end of Christmas that they got everything they ever wanted, lol. Through out the season we read to them the real reason for the season, Christ. And almost every day reminded them that it wasn't their birthday, its Jesus', and we spoke of ways that we could give to him, which is by giving to others and loving people. I'm hoping this lesson sticks with them.

Below are photos of us celebrating:

Jingle Twinkle made an appearance of course

We were able to slip in a few crafts this season. Not as many as last year, because this year unfortunately I was down for half the season with the flu

The Brevards' side Christmas

The Brevard cousins

Our Christmas morning

Christmas at Grandma's

I didn't even get any photos of Mitch and I :( but I guess that's what happens when I'm the photographer and Mitch was by my side instead of in front of me. Oh well, we were there though, I promise ;) and it was a merry Christmas!

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