Friday, January 8, 2016

Farming Story: Egg in the Snake's Mouth

Back in October while the kids and I were outside doing some light yard work clearing our yard of sticks, trash, and toys, we noticed the ducks were upset and fussing. Skylar checked to see what all the excitement was about and found a snake in the ducks' nest! This was all the more upsetting because one of our ducks had finally started to go broody, and we were expecting a nest full of ducklings soon. Mitch was working from home, so I was able to get him down to the coop right away. Mitch grabbed the snake by the tail and pulled him into view. He was a long rat snake with a large egg shaped lump in his throat. To save the egg, Mitch pushed the egg out of the snake's mouth with his foot! Unfortunately the snake scared the ducks away from sitting on their eggs again, and we don't have baby ducklings.

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