Monday, September 12, 2011


"I FELL OUT OF A TREE!" is what my son is now proudly yelling out at people as they ask "hey, what happened to your arm?" You can almost see a strut in his step as he walks around with his broken arm wrapped up in a splint and a sling.

Last week he learned how to climb a tree for the first time. He was so proud of himself. Of course when I found out I was a nervous wreck. When I first saw him I begged him to get down and to be careful. High up in the tree he could tell that I was nervous and said, "Mom! You're freaking me out!" Well, he was freaking me out! Here's a picture of him at his highest. I had my phone on me at the time and just had to take a picture for proof to show his daddy just exactly what our little boy has been up to.

That was Monday, on Wednesday Maddox went outside with our dog to play. I watched him through our window as I was washing dishes. Soon, I saw him go back into the woods and a few moments later I saw a tree starting to sway. I went outside to check it out and of course he's up in that tree again. I asked him to get down, but being the boy that he is, he took his time, swinging and playing on his way down. Then it happened, his hand or foot missed a step and he came crashing down. The way  he landed I feared that he broke his neck! I picked him up and rushed him inside. Mud was caked in his nose and mouth and he was screaming and crying. I got him cleaned up and checked every bone on his body. He told me his arm was broken and that he couldn't move it. I prayed that it wasn't broken, but it soon swelled and his poor wrist was bent in a way that I knew that it had to be. So off to the hospital we went. Poor Skylar was  in tow. X-rays were taken and sure enough it was a broken wrist. We were then sent off to another hospital for his bone to be reset. Poor Maddox. The fell happened at 4 pm, we weren't seen by a doctor until 6 pm, and then he didn't get medicine for the pain until about 9 pm, but by this time he was laughing and talking with us as if he wasn't hurt at all. He even got to watch his favorite cartoon "Johnny Test" in his room. Right before 10pm the doctors were ready to reset the bone. They had to put Maddox to sleep for the procedure. This part truly scared me. As he was going under his eyes stayed opened and he looked as if all of him had left him, like a vegetable child. It broke my heart and frightened me to see him that way. While in the waiting room I prayed and prayed that there wouldn't be any complications with him being under. 15 minutes later the doctors were done and he started to wake up. As he was coming to he was hallucinating! He told me I looked like a lizard, that daddy looked like he had two heads, the doctors looked like robots, spiders were everywhere, and that he felt gooey. I questioned the nurses in the room, and they told me that this was normal and that Maddox would be saying some crazy things for awhile. It took a whole hour for him to become normal again.  The doctors had his arm wrapped up in a splint, and told us that he would wear this for a week to allow swelling, then we would come back for a cast that he is expected to wear for about 6 weeks.

That night we didn't get home until after midnight. We were all exhausted. The next day he stayed out of school, played all day catching bugs. Back to school on Friday he enjoyed being show and tell. My big brave boy hasn't let this injury phase him. He's still running around and being the little boy that I love. 

If you're keeping count, this is our 2nd ER visit in 2 months! If you'll remember he was just in the ER from a 4th of July pool accident where he split his head open. I'm glad that he's a big, brave, tough boy, but momma is not! If he keeps this up I'm going to have to wrap him in bubble wrap or I'll die of a nervous break down. Please be praying for me! I'm a mom of a dare devil son. 

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Lisa said...

Oh my! I'm glad he's handling it so well. :) I'm also thankful that I never had to deal with broken bones when my children were little. But now I have two 19 year olds driving, so that comes with a whole other set of worries. lol Many blessings!

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