Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Play At Home Mom

My children need more than just a stay at home, they need a PLAY at home mom. Making them a priority in my day, to put them first could truly build up their self worth! Sitting down with them to play dolls or legos will let them know just how much I value them and could only increase the bond that we share. It's the little things like involving them in cooking and cleaning that could help promote their independence, confidence, and make them feel special and important.

Everyday when making my to do list there will be a time of play. Here is what will be popping up on my to do list:

*Teach the kids how to ride a bike without training wheels. (We've tried this just about every summer, this is harder than I thought it would be)
*Play soccer in the backyard
*Cook together and take pictures
*Make bead necklaces
*Go on a bug hunt
*Make homemade chalk paint
*Teach Skylar how to crochet.

What is on your to do list?

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Marika said...

About teaching your child to ride without training wheels....Our daughter now 8, had the hardest time. My husband would run with her, holding on to the seat of her bike. And as soon he thinks she is confident enough, he lets go. That was when she would slam on the breaks and be upset at him letting go. Well, what we did was, we took the pedals of the bike. So she could push with her feet and get a feel for the balance on little intervals. When she was bored with that we put the pedals back on, and she already had a feel for balancing. And she rode her bike. Good luck with your bike training.

Candice Brevard said...

Thanks Marika for the tip!

Amy said...

Those sound like wonderful ideas. Looking back, I know my parents taught me well, but the times playing with my mom or dad or the ones I remember most.

Mica said...

Hi, just stopping by from Women Living Well. I love the "play at home mom" name. So cute, and so true-what our children really need. Reading your comments above, I heard something about a Stryder Bike a few weeks ago- a company that sells bikes without pedals for children to learn balance first. Just passing it along.

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult one for me... I am a SAHM to a ten month old and am always struggling to find different ways to entertain him... I'm stuck with the same things-- playing peek-a-boo, rolling the ball to him, playing with blocks, going up the stairs. Any advice would be appreciated!

Candice Brevard said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I'll have to practice this idea of training the kids without their peddles too, what a neat idea!

Anonymous: I know where you're coming from. I remember being a stay at home mom to just my baby daughter and feeling kind of bored, and maybe the baby was bored too. To mix it up a bit, here are a few ideas to play with your son:

*Fill a large box with rice or beans and let him play in it like a sandbox
*Let him take things out of it's place, like the pots and pans out of a cabinet (if your pots and pans are on the the bottom cabinet) or let him take all of the things out of your purse, put them back in and let him do it again!
*Watch him closely while you let him play with playdough and see all the silly faces that he makes while squooshing it in his hand
*Have a photo shoot with him if he doesn't mind (this is probably more fun for momma)
*Blow bubbles at him
*Create a fort for him to crawl in and explore
*Put on some music and dance with baby (this was my son's favorite thing to do when he was about your son's age, I have video and I love rewatching it)

It sounds like you're already doing a great job...Have fun :)

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