Thursday, July 26, 2012

Days Like Today Make My Heart Smile : )

Not that it was a perfect day, the kids still fought, I had to remind them at least a dozen times to clean their rooms, I yelled a few times, and not every room ended up spotless by evening, and yet my heart is still smiling.

Our morning started out slow, like it usually does on summer mornings. For breakfast we all had something different while dad was away at work, a pop tart for sissy, oatmeal for my stinker, and cereal for me. Lunch is usually the same, always a pb&j for my sweet boy, soup for my princess, and a tomato from my garden sandwich for me. For dinners I have a different additude:

As the kids ran wild today as they usually do, I tidied up, tended to my garden, planned for dinner, and sanded an old bed that was recently passed down to me by my grandma. This bed use to belong to my uncle when he was young, but now I am sanding it down to paint it white, to make it new for my daughter. Sanding a bed in 90+ degree weather is something that I would have never of taken the initiative to do before my work in Haiti. I would have considered it "mans work", kind of like mowing the lawn, but now since I want it done and I know how, I am actually proud of my work! I'm hoping to have it complete before her birthday, just a week and a half away.

After dinner the kids played a game of checkers and then we all enjoyed a another chapter from Treasure Island.

Days like today make me want to freeze time, freeze these moments when Maddox still sucks his thumb and snuggles his mommy, freeze the moments when Skylar still wants to help in the kitchen and the kids fight over who is going to say the blessing first, and who I am going to tuck in first, but I kiss them goodnight, and laugh at the days to come.

My wonderful day ends with my loving husband and a glass of wine and I look forward to tomorrow's blessings.

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