Friday, March 31, 2017

Meal Plan

Monday afternoon Maddox made a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade. He used about 8 lemons, 10 cups of water, and a cup and a half of sugar. It was a sweet treat to add to our dinner for that night. Josiah also had something sweet to add, while I was busy in the kitchen and the kids were outside playing, Josiah brought in a beautiful bouquet of purple weed flowers. He walked in with a sweet smile on his face and the flowers behind his back. He was so proud, and I was so delighted!

We had a pretty good dinner menu this week. My weekly meals usually have more pork and chicken, and less fish...but I am running low on the meats we raise and I had to rely on the grocery store, and I thought it would be nice to make this week's meal plan a little more Skylar friendly (the only meat she'll eat is seafood).

Monday: Catfish

I was hoping to have salmon, but our grocery store didn't have any. I've only ever had fried catfish, but I didn't feel like messing with the batter or hot grease, and I had my mind set on just putting some seasoned salmon in the oven with a slice of lemon, so I cooked this catfish the same way that I would a baked salmon. This fish was horrible! At least it was for me. It turn out that I only like fried catfish, not baked. Mitch and the kids were gracious enough to not complain, and they're never shy to speak up if they don't like a meal. They said it wasn't so bad, Mason and Josiah, who are my pickiest eaters, even ate their meal all gone. I can't say that I did the same. Thank goodness I had that lemonade to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Tuesday: Fish Tacos

These were fun! I wish I had taken a picture for this blog, but I can only photograph our food so often without it looking or feeling silly to me or the family. I used frozen crispy oven baked fish fillets. These are only slightly better than fish sticks. After I baked the fish patties I cut them into chucks and seasoned them with sriracha. The tacos were put together with soft shell tortillas, shredded lettuce, red onions, salsa, mexi ranch, and sour cream, served with a side of Spanish rice and black beans. These were a hit, and Mitch said it was creative.

Wednesday: London Broil and horse radish mashed potatoes

I love red meat and a London broil is an inexpensive way to get my red meat fix and feed a family of six. Mitch has been asking for my horse radish mashed potatoes. I haven't made them in years, and when a bottle of horse radish just so happen caught my eye in the store I knew that it was time to make them again. I just simply add 2 or 3 tablespoons of horse radish to my regular mashed potato recipe, and voila, horse radish mashed potatoes. I also served this meal with a can of green beans.

Thursday: Potato Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Yum! My favorite! Skylar and Maddox's too! Mason and Jojo don't care too much for soups of any kind, and Mitch tells me it feels like an appetizer. So with this meal I pair my soup with a grilled cheese sandwich (Mason's favorite!) made with my homemade flax seed loaf bread.

Friday: Shrimp Spaghetti and french bread

By this meal Mitch was pointing out that we were eating way too much seafood this week (Skylar wasn't complaining!). I made a homemade white french bread to go with our meal, along with a restaurant style herb and olive oil dip, which is basically Italian seasoning, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and olive oil. A salad would have been a nice touch to add to this meal, but I did not. We did however have green jello for dessert!

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