Thursday, March 30, 2017


2016 was a good year for Mitch at Verizon. He killed it in sales and was awarded top 10 percent in his position in his region across 8 states! Verzion rewarded all the top 10 percenters with a trip to Orlando with their plus one. I am so proud of Mitch for working so hard. We had an amazing time on this special get away this past weekend, and I am so grateful that my parents were able to watch the kids for us.

Verizon did a good job recognizing their top employees. For starters, we were given a rental car for the weekend. Mitch was excited about having the option of a mustang, but as the weekend went on he joked that he was too old and fat for this little sports car. But it sure was fun!

We were put up in the Marriott Orlando World Center Resort. The hotel floor had a walk of fame where each top 10 %-er had their own name on a tile.

Rock star Jonathan (Mitch) Brevard!

Verizon held a Winner's Circle reception by the resort's pool, where we had an open bar, snacks, and a chance to check out a few fun gadgets like these virtual googles where I could pretend that I was sky diving. We were also given "swag bags" that was filled with candy, snacks, sunscreen, a few other knick knacks, and a $100 gift card to Nike!

From the reception we were shuttled off on buses to Universal, where Verizon had rented out a part of the theme park just for us. Again there was also an open bar, and several buffets for us to chose from. The dueling piano bar, Bob Marley Bar, Karaoke, and a few other bars were just for us! We were given free glow light necklaces and rings, and the rides Hulk, Spiderman, Dr. Doom Fear Fall, and the tea cup ride were all reserved just for us! We had the park from 7 pm until midnight, and we had a blast! I felt like a movie star walking around Universal with a waiter on every corner offering me a glass of wine off their tray.

Friday was spent at Universal, and Saturday was spent by the pool! We felt so pampered and spoiled! And it was so nice to just relax and enjoy time in the sun with just the two of us.

I have always been so proud of Mitch for being such a hard worker and an amazing provider for our family. I am thankful that Verizon recognized Mitch's hard work and that we were able to be treated for a fun weekend away in honor of my sweet hard working hubby.

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