Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chunky Junk!

In James 1:27 God tells us to look after orphans and widows.

LOVOSO does just that! Love Orphans, Visit Orphans, Serve Orphans.

LOVOSO is an amazing ministry that sells Chunky Junk jewelry to help those in need. Half of their profits go straight to orphanages and to widows in India, Haiti, and Ghana. They don't only raise money for these orphanages and other ministries, but they also visit and serve in these areas as well.

Their jewelry is beautiful, unique, and of course CHUNKY. These pieces will look fabulous on you and will make for a great conversation piece. I don't know of one lady who hasn't worn a necklace, ring, or bracelet who hasn't received a compliment on it. Not only will you being wearing a rare piece of jewelry you'll also help fund orphanages around the world. Above is a picture of one of their bracelets that I love to wear. Amy over at The Hickman Happenings hosted a ladies night fund raiser dinner called "This Night" where the Chunky Junk jewelry was featured. I was able to pick out some great pieces and then give as Christmas presents to all the ladies in my family. The gifts were a hit!

I hope that you will check out their website and pick a piece or two for either yourself or for someone you love. With each purchase you'll be able help support orphans in need.

Click these links to visit their website  LOVOSO and their facebook page Facebook Chunky Junk

As you can see below, Haiti has a special place in my heart, as I was able to visit there last July and love on some amazing children in need. I plan on returning soon and I cannot wait.

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