Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

For the past week I have been surrounded by the flu. My husband and both of my babies were sick. Thankfully I was able to avoid it! Last week I had to clean up snot, a pee pee accident, and throw up! Gross! But nothing this momma hasn't done before (not even the worst). We've also had to miss out on a lot of school, miss church and even miss out on a birthday party. By the end of this weekend however everyone finally started feeling better. We were invited to a Super Bowl party, but we decided not to chance taking anyone out since they weren't a 100%. So I went to the grocery store, picked up a bunch of junk food and ingredients to whip up some dips and we decided to have our own Super Bowl party at home. Last minute we also invited our neighbors over whose family had also been sick all week to join us. I figured if we've all already had the same thing, it wouldn't hurt to get together with just each other...right??

Anyways, Mitch and I were pulling for the Packers, just the be pulling for someone really. We didn't really have a "dog in the fight" with this game, but loved an excuse to eat junk food for dinner and spend time with friends.

Here are some pictures of our night.

(above) Skylar and her friend Cadence :)

(above) Gabriel and Maddox. While taking this picture I was saying "smile Maddox! Please smile, come on smile!". This is his I refuse to smile face, stinker :/

Yummy food and a great time with friends and neighbors :)

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