Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skylar's Homemade Honey Butter

This is my beautiful baby girl Skylar. She is in the first grade and when she grows up she wants to be a chef! She loves to help mommy in the kitchen, and since she was 3 years old she's been creating her own little recipes. All of which I must admit were nasty, such as mixed eggs, flour, sugar, and whatever else she would mix in there, microwave and then expect me to eat, with a smile on my face. So I started teaching her how to make some yummy edible creations. For Christmas her grandmother, who she calls GiGi, got her an apron to wear in the kitchen, and whenever its time to bake, cook, or create, she puts it on eager and ready to go. 

One of her most recent creations was Homemade Honey Butter. Skylar made this all by herself and below she will show you how. This butter was delicious! 

The ingredients and materials you will need are:
A clean jar
A marble (optional)
Heavy Cream

Now lets get started!

Have your materials and ingredients ready

Fill your jar halfway full of heavy cream, then drop in the marble (the marble just helps with the mixing).

Then start shaking!

You're going to be shaking for a long time, so you might need a friend (or a mommy) to take turns with you when your arms get tired.

Half way through, your mixture will look like whip cream.

Keep shaking and have patience!

And soon, after all of your hard work, that white cream that has coated your jar will soon clear your jar and you'll have a large yellow lump in there, and thats your butter!

Spoon out the butter from the liquid thats left in there. That liquid is now butter milk! You can save that for other recipes.

 You will need to also take that butter and squeeze out any butter milk that is mixed in over the sink. Try to squeeze out as much as you can. Mom needs to help with that.

Sprinkle on some salt

Then drizzle in some honey. We eyeballed it to taste.

Mix it all together

Then spoon your mixture into a container that you can keep in the refrigerator 

And then you're done! Now you have some of the most amazing honey butter. This stuff is great on toast, dinner rolls, muffins, you name it! We ate it on toast for dinner that night and finished it off on toast for breakfast the next morning. Skylar was so proud of herself as we ate the butter and praising her for a job well done. I hope that you or your little ones have fun making this yummy treat! 

Enjoy your babies, have patience, and have fun in the kitchen! :)

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Lynda said...

I am definitely trying this one with my little man. Thank you for sharing this. Your daughter is very cute, and has a beautiful smile.

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