Saturday, June 30, 2012

Haiti Bound

In just one week I will make my 3rd trip back to Haiti, and what really excites me is that my husband will be joining me for the first time as we lead a mission team together. Joining us will be our dear friends Karen, Kristy, Mark, and Elena.

I can't wait to get back to be hands on with the feeding program and housing project and whatever area they'll have us serve in. I'm excited about worshiping in their small yet amazing church. I'm excited about visiting with my sponsor child Loica (picture above), her family and seeing how much the children of the community that I have gotten to know have grown. I long to be back in a community that teaches me so much about hospitality, humility, gratitude, and respect. Away from all the distractions of my own world it seems that I can hear God speak into me more clearly, I worship more freely, I pray more intently, all my focus is on Him. I am convicted by the servant hearts of the people who so warmly welcomed me, their generosity embarrasses me in a away that I need to be. Looking at what they have or lack there of and what they give compared to what I have and what I give is a wake up call. What a humbling experience it is to go down to serve and to make whatever impact you think you can make, when in reality I find that it is I who has been impacted the most.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, they are in desperate need of relief. Yet with such poverty this country is filled with such beauty, both within the people, their hearts and their land. Riding around in the back of a tap tap(a taxi pick up truck), I get to take in the most amazing views of lush landscape, colorful art, a beautiful caribbean beach, and children playing soccer in every field that isn't being labored in, and with a simple word of "bonjour" I can get a smile from anyone.

So many Haitian friends come to mind as I look forward to my trip, 2 young teens James and Wichnel, funny mischievous boys who make me laugh and who have taught me a few Haitian creole phases. Regi and Gaby, two young but older guys who have always been a huge help to the team members hosting us as our guide and translator when the pastors were busy. And I'm looking forward to seeing Pastor Laflour again, who is an amazing passionate Pastor over Restoration Ministries (the church and ministry we are going down to serve). I can't wait to get back!

If you're planning a trip to Haiti be sure to read this funny, but true blog on the Top 10 Fashion Crimes Commited By Mission Teams and Aid Workers in Haiti , written by a long term missionary in Haiti. I have been guilty of committing a few of these "crimes" myself, but you live and you learn :) and if you would like any information on how you can offer support or relief to the community of Jacmel Haiti, please visit

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