Thursday, June 28, 2012

No more flies!

As the spring came in I started having trouble with flies, both fruit flies and the common fly. So after researching pinterest (where I do most of my research) I found a couple solutions that actually work! Both were real simple with items I already had around the house. The first is the fruit fly trap (above). Simply place a banana in a jar, create a funnel with a sheet of paper and then be sure to tape the edges. The flies fly in but they can't find their way out.

I was confident in the fruit fly solution but I was skeptical about the common fly trick (picture below). I love sitting on my back porch, but it can be invaded with flies, then I have to sweep away the dead ones, I was willing to try anything, even if it seemed silly. This idea came from pinterest and the pinner said to simply hang up a ziplock bag of water over the door frame. This is suppose to work because a fly has hundreds of eyes so the light reflecting off the bag keeps them away. My back porch has been fly free for 3 weeks now!

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