Friday, January 14, 2011

A cherished week stuck at home

The kids have been out of school all week long from the snow. I've been doing my best trying to keep them entertained, but with also trying to keep the house cleaned, prepare 3 meals a day, and keep up with the job that pays me (I work from home). Things can get pretty frustrating and my patience can wear thin...real thin. Of course every parent worries and wonders how they are doing as a mother and I'm sure this week I blew it. However, last night at the dinner table Mitch asks the kids if they're ready to go back to school, because staying at home all day and all week must be pretty boring huh? Well Skylar warmed my heart by answering, no, I am not ready to go back to school, playing at home has been fun! She went on to describe all the fun stuff that we've been doing this week, such as playing with neighborhood friends, playing games at home, reading stories, making forts, and so on. Thinking back on the week myself I realized it has been pretty fun, especially if you put aside all the fights I had to break up between the kids this week, but other than that its actually been really enjoyable. We had many cherishing moments cooking and baking together, sledding in the snow, cuddling and watching movies, and just enjoying one another. My yard is still covered in snow, but the roads are clearing and next week they'll be back at school. Things will be normal again and maybe I can finally give the job that pays me my full attention. I will have peace and quiet at last (at least until 2pm), but I will also have confidence that I can do this again when school lets out for the summer.

 I thank God for the snow and for this cherished week stuck at home

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