Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Day One

Thanksgiving night as a family we went out and bought a live tree to place in our home, to be decorated and enjoyed by us all. It's a wonderful tree, but my husband and I thought it would be special for the kids to have their own Christmas tree, so yesterday we surprised them with a pre-lit 4 foot tree of their very own. They were so excited! Together we popped popcorn and I taught the kids how to make a popcorn garland. Maddox and Skylar were so patient, threading popcorn one at a time, trying to have fun even when the popcorn broke or when they pricked their finger with the needle. They just kept going, and were so proud when they finished, I was proud of them too. With pride, Skylar and Maddox hung the garland on their tree all by their selves. Now they can't wait to create new ornaments for a tree just their size.

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