Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Day Four

Saturday was fun! I told the kids that if everyone finished their chores we would make some candles, and if they're were really good, a treat later in the day.

Here are the treats that we made: melted snowmen s'mores 

and here are our candles

The candle project was more of a mom's hands on project, but the kids supervised ;)

This is something we've done a few times before, upcycling our old burned down candles. 

I usually save these because it seems like such a waste to throw away all of that smelly good wax when I know we can simply just melt it down and make a new candle from it!

I let the candles melt down in a pot of hot water, and I use tongs to remove the old wicks.

I bought new wicks from Hobby Lobby to go into the new candles. I held the wicks in place with a pencil while I poured in the wax.

And ta-da! New candles! :) 

Now for the fun treats that the kids enjoyed.....

These didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, but still cute none the less

As you can see, the kids really enjoyed these messy treats!

The messier the snack, the tastier it is to them :)

Evening came and we all enjoyed another Christmas devotional from Luke 2:1-20. We discussed how the shepherds felt when an angel came to them to announce the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord, and how we might feel if an angel of God came to us with a message. Maddox told us he would be scared, while Skylar said she would be excited! 

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