Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School

Wednesday was the first day back to school for Skylar and Maddox. They were both so excited to get back! I woke the kids up singing (to the tune of Rise and Shine) "Rise and shine and let's go to school today, rise and shine and let's go to school today, RISE AND SHINE AND LET'S GO TO SCHOOL TODAY! It's time to start 3rd's time to start 1st grade". Fortunately since they were excited about school, they were in the mood for my singing lol. Though Maddox Maddox woke up saying, "but mommy, it's still night time." LOL, poor thing, he had gotten use to sleeping in over the summer, and so had I. But with the excitement of a first day we all cheerfully got up and got ready with new school clothes, shoes, and bookbags :). We did so well getting up on time and getting ready that we actually end up with 15 minutes to spare before leaving for school (I'm sure this won't happen again this school year). So we read our morning bible story, took pictures, grab the lunch bags and were out the door. Mitch took the day off for this, so together we all walked into school for the first day. It turns out however, that with my babies growing up they didn't really need me to walk them all the way to class like I did the first week of kindergarten, but we did it anyways. Maddox refused to give us a kiss or hug goodbye in front of his new classmates, so Mitch and I had to settle for a highfive (sniffle), but Skylar didn't mind giving us goodbye sugars, the difference between boys and girls I guess.

That afternoon they reported that their first day was an enjoyable one and they both still seem to be excited about this year. I can't believe they are already in 3rd and 1st grade and on the second day there was no need to walk them in. I simply dropped them off and watched them walk in like the big kids that they are.

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