Monday, August 27, 2012

My Accomplishments

This is something I use to do, record my accomplishments from the day, make a personal "ta-da" list. This is really something that I do just for myself, a little look back on my day and give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. It comes in handy when I'm feeling down and thoughts flood my mind of "what did I really do to contribute, and does anyone really notice what I do around here anyways?" Then there are those days where people ask me after finding out that I'm a housewife, "what do you do all day?" some are genuinely curious of how I fill my days, while others ask in a judging tone, assuming I'm a lazy bum who mooches off her husband. Even with critics out there, I really do enjoy what I do, being a housewife and stay at home mom. Of course I don't always receive criticism, there are many people out there who appreciate a stay at home mom and I welcome their encouragement, but still, the jabs hurt. I don't think I'm better than anyone by staying at home, though I do feel privileged and I certainly don't think less of any woman who works away from home. I know and understand that they have a lot on their plate, so many kudos to them! Growing up I never really considered being a stay at home mom, mostly because I didn't know any housewives and from the time you start kindergarten parents and teachers seem to urge you to pick a career for when you grow up and stay at home mom was never served as an option. I thought about becoming a teacher, veterinarian, zoo keeper, photographer or a nurse. Those all seemed like fun options, but my true dream was to become a wife and mother. As a child I would play house with my friends, or play mommy to my baby dolls at home. Growing older I thought more and more about who my prince charming/future husband would be and fantasize about what it would be like to have little me's. As a teen I LOVED babysitting, especially babies. And as I hoped it would happen I met Mr. Forever at a young age and though not planned we started our family very early. Right away Mitch asked me if I would like to stay at home? He was raised by a stay at home mom and several men that he looked up to had stay at home wives, so this was a natural option for him. Upon meeting our first child I couldn't bear the thought of being away from her and I knew we made the right choice with me staying at home. It just feels natural and this arranangement works best for us and our family. So what do I do all day? Each day is something new, mixed in with the same ole same ole, but this is what I did today:

*6:45 am got kids ready, straightened Skylar's hair finishing with a bow  and fohawked Maddox's hair.
*served breakfast, packed lunches and read a bible story before taking the kiddos to school
*packed Mitch's lunch and sent him off to work with a kiss
* started my daily routine of:
   *wiping down the bathroom counters
   *making up the beds
   *putting away laundry
   *light a candle, turn on music
   *washed dishes
   *planned dinner
   *picked up clutter out of the living room
(I usually have a quiet time or bible study time, but I didn't do that today)
*start on chores. (everyday is something different)
   *dusted, including the bedroom ceiling fan, it was getting quite dusty
   *wiped down the living room baseboards
   *cleaned finger prints off the living room wall and light switch plates
   *emptied all the trash
   *polished the windows in the kitchen, dinning room, and living room
   *swept off the stairs, cleaned the stair rails and spindles
   *watered the house plants
   *watered the vegetable garden

By 12 the house is usually clean, so I enjoy having the opportunity to relax and sip on some coffee, read a book, read a blog, check Facebook, "research" homemaking stuff on pinterest, work on a craft, and/or make a phone call or two to my sister, mom, or friend and on some days I am fortunate enough to meet up with a friend or my husband for lunch. And on week days that my husband is off work, we enjoy a full date day until its time to pick up the kids. I've also been known to volunteer at the kids' school from time to time. I didn't always have this "free time", this time only opened up to me once Maddox started kindergarten - K4, which was just 2 years ago. Today I spent my free time reading a couple of blogs, checking Facebook and pinterest and making a phone call to my younger sister who is also a housewife and a first time expectant mother.

*2:30 I picked up the kids from school, headed home for snacks and homework.
*read to Maddox his library books, The Cloud Spinner and The Magic Treehouse Sunset Sabortooth while Skylar read The Giving Tree to herself. Afterwards I checked Skylar's math and helped her study her vocabulary words and spelling. Homework is usually done by 4.
*tonight for dinner I made grilled BBQ chicken, mash potatoes with gravy, baked macaroni and cheese and garlic bread
*more dishes needed to be washed and the kitchen needed to be cleaned.
*got the babies bathed and had them brush their teeth and hair before reading to them 2 more chapters of The Wizard of Oz, and then it was off bed, kisses and hugs and "don't let the bed bugs bite".
*by 8:30 the kids are sleeping, the house is cleaned, my chores are done and I get to spend a relaxing evening like I do almost every single night snuggling with my husband, watching tv before bed. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My days are always busy and I am never bored, there is always something to do. I do however get to enjoy some "me time" in this stage of life while the kids are in school, and I am thankful for that time. I believe it keeps me sane and calm and having those 2 or 3 hours at night alone with my husband in a clean house while the kids sleep is super helpful to our marriage. God willing, I'll do this all over again tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

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