Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's Accomplishments

I doubt I'll keep up with my daily accomplishments every night, but its fun for me to look back on my day and see how it was filled.

*7:00 am (I over slept) got the kids ready- hair, breakfast, packed lunches and a bible story before school
*kissed Mitch good bye for work
*lit a candle, turned on some music
*got all dolled up. I may not have coworkers to impress, but I want my children to think of me as a pretty mommy and my husband to think of me as a pretty wife. Not to say that I haven't taken advantage of hanging out in my pjs all day, because I have, but today (like I try to most days) I dolled up.
*made the beds
*wiped down the bathroom counters
*put away laundry and straightened up the bedroom
*washed dishes
*straightened up the living room and kitchen
*swept the down stairs floors
*planned dinner

*for lunch I enjoyed my husband's company, for he came home on his lunch hour and I fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich and a side of left over macaroni and cheese :) I love it when my hubby comes home for lunch :)

*after lunch I finished up my Proverbs 31 woman bible study that I have been working on for the past 14 weeks through a blog, Good Morning Girls. LOVE that study! And I was glad to finally have it complete. Also in my quiet time I read the second chapter of A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren...I hope it's a good read. Through out the day I enjoyed texting my friends and sending messages back and forth via Facebook, and it's rare for a day to go by with out a phone call to or from my sister, mom, grandma, or friend (blessed!).

For my chores I:
*mopped the living room, dinning room, and kitchen floors
*scrubbed the toilets
*cleaned the baseboards in the main bathroom
* polished the bathroom mirrors
*scrubbed the grout in our master bathroom with bleach. It made a big difference, but I still have a Clorox headache
*mopped the bathroom floors

*2:30 I picked the kids up from school. I also got to bring home one of Skylar's friends! 3 days out of the week I watch a friend of mine's kids after school. It's a fun way for me to earn some extra money, and my kids have fun playing with some extra playmates. I usually watch 2, but today I only had one.
*after snacks it's time for homework. I helped the girls with their math, vocabulary and spelling. Later during reading time, Skylar read independently to herself while I read 2 more chapters to Maddox out of his library book, The Magic Treehouse
*with the house cleaned,and homework done I then got to watch the kids play and answer whatever random questions they had for me, and share yet another embarrassing childhood story of mine-the embarrassing stories are their favorites and then they like to tell their friends. I don't know why I keep feeding them theses stories, I guess I just like to hear them laugh :)

*for dinner I made crispy chicken over bowtie pasta with this cream sauce I found on pinterest, served with green beans and garlic bread. Mitch is home and we all enjoyed dinner together around the table. Skylar said the blessing tonight, and we all shared stories about our day.

*wipe down the kitchen and dinning room table

*8:00 it's time for baths, brushed teeth and hair and another chapter out of The Wizard Of Oz. kisses, hugs, and don't let the bed bugs bite.
*my day is complete and now I get to spend some alone time with Mitch and I'm starting a new crochet project, a green blanket.

Looking over my list of what I do all day may seem like I live day after day completing mundane tasks, but I truly enjoy making my house a home and spending quality time every day with myself in the morning, quality time with my children in the afternoon, and quality time with my husband in the evening. I thank God for these days and my life. Besides, not everyday is so "routine" ;)

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