Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's Accomplishments

*6:55 got kids ready, hair, breakfast, packed lunches and a bible story. Mitch had to leave for work early this morning for an early morning meeting, so he was leaving as we were rising. he went to kiss the kids good bye as they were sleeping, but the kids yelled at him for waking them up, yelling "get out!" Tsk Tsk Tsk, my children are so charming in the morning :(

*lit a candle, turned on music
*made beds
*dolled up
*wiped down bathroom counters. The bathroom still smells like bleach, ugh
*put away laundry
*planned dinner

*9 am Mitch is home from his meeting and we enjoy breakfast together, an egg and grilled cheese sandwich, blueberry oatmeal and coffee :). After some quiet time alone together it's time to send him off to work with a kiss and a packed lunch

*picked up in the kitchen and living room
*swept the down stairs floor
*took the garbage out to the road
*enjoyed my quiet time in A Purpose Driven Life before starting my chores

Wednesdays I work in the bedrooms, Tuesdays the bathroom, and Mondays the living room

*in our room I polished the furniture and mirrors
*scubbed the baseboards, light switch plates, and wiped any small finger prints off the walls
*tidied up the closets
*organized the kids' rooms. I usually have them pick up their own room and their own mess, but once a week I go in and make sure their closets and drawers are tidy, clean what they've missed, like under the bed and I organize the toys, this helps them keep it clean through out the week. When Maddox came home he asked, "hey mommy, did you clean my room"? - yes "I love you mommy." that right there makes it all worth it :)

*2:30 I picked up the kids and their friends. Waiting for them at home were 4 snack necklaces and juice boxes. The necklaces were a big hit :)

*after homework I had to sit in the middle of the hallway in between Skylar's room and Maddox's room to keep the boys from fighting with the girls. I felt this was as good of time as any to paint my nails :). Some get to have their nails done in a salon, me...I get to do it myself while playing referee :)

*Mitch had to close at work tonight, so we ate my homemade Chinese food of fried rice and egg rolls (recipe found on pinterest of course) just the 3 of us around the table while I tried to fish for details of their school day

*Before bed we finished the last 2 chapters of Wizard Of Oz and a page out of the children's bible devotional, then it's kisses and hugs and don't let the bed bugs bite. Mitch is home soon after :)

I read this verse today, and it just kind of stuck with me:

A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life

~ Proverbs 13:7 (message)


Kristina said...

You are amazing! I can only dream of being that kind of wife and mother. I just can't seem to get it together.

Candice Brevard said...

Thank you Kristina, but I'm sure if you made a list of your hightlights from the day and left out your bloopers or struggles like I do, then your list would look pretty good too :)

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