Friday, July 26, 2013

More random memories

Catching up on recording our memories, the following pictures and adventures are from March - May :)

The kiddos having fun at Frankie's Fun Park!

I took Skylar and Maddox to Uptown Art for a children's painting class

Their monkey paintings turned out really well. My babies are artists :)

Eating hot wings at Quaker Steak and Lube. Kids eat free on Sundays :)

Here we are at the Greenville Drive. Grandma babysat the baby boys that night, I didn't think they would have as much fun, but the bigs had a blast, Mitch and I did too.

This past school year Maddox was chosen as a terrific kid... But we already knew that ;)

And Skylar achieved A/B honor roll! I'm a proud momma!!

For Mother's Day Maddox drew this picture of our family. I love it! I told you my baby is an artist :)

Maddox enjoying a play date with his friend Tucker

Having fun at Otter Creek water park, and look its Mason! I can show off this photo since his head is turned :)

And baby Jojo enjoying the shade and a nap

Skylar randomly crocheting, and she picks it up as often as I do lol, which isn't that much, just when we feel like it. I am proud that she has picked up this skill :)

I love sharing our memories and adventure, and most importantly I love experiencing them!

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