Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Adoption Journey (part two)

About a month ago I posted part one of our adoption journey, and I'm a little embarrassed that I'm only just now getting around to posting part two, but I've been busy blessed with 4 precious children.

Finally Here

After 2 years of waiting to adopt, we decided to get our foster  license, but we told our foster agency to put us on the "no call list" until further notice by us. A month later (March 2013) they called us anyways. My agent asked if we would be interested in 2 African American baby boys, ages one month, and one year, and other than their names she didn't have any other information to offer me, including how long they would stay. I was going to say no, we were wanting to adopt, and we were on the no call list...but something inside of me urged me to say yes. Mitch and I talked before we gave our answer, and we both decided to take a leap of faith. Within 2 hours of that phone conversation they were here in our home.

I sat on our front porch waiting for them to arrive. A DSS worker pulled up in a mini van and there they were, both sleeping in their car seats. I helped her carry them in. Their belongings consisted of a couple bottles, a day's worth of diapers and wipes, and a small bag of clothes, most of which wasn't even for their sizes. The worker had us sign a piece of paper and was gone within 5 minutes, but before she left she informed us that she did not believe the boys were going to go back home any time soon. Mitch and I, along with Skylar and Maddox just stared at them sleeping. We didn't want to wake them up, and I was worried that our one year old would be frightened once he did, but moments later they started opening their eyes. Our one year old did seem confused and tired, but he curled right into me and he did just fine. Mason is our one year old and Jojo is our sweet infant. Mason was already walking and I loved how he never wanted me to put him down. Baby Jojo was just a mere 6 pounds at 5 weeks of age. He looked so small and fragile. The four of us looked at them in awe the day they arrived and showered them with hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

Our family, friends, and church family are amazing! As soon as word got out about our new additions people generously donated everything we needed, diapers, clothes, toys, car seats, stroller, bottles, etc...a few friends of mine even came over one afternoon and allowed me to nap (since neither of the boys were sleeping through the night). They played with the babies and even cleaned my house! And for two weeks straight friends came over with meals, so I wouldn't have to worry about dinner. I am still just blown away by everyone's generosity! God is so good in the way he uses people.

From day one with the boys, everything felt so comfortable, so blissful, so right. We were so happy that we said yes. I fell in love instantly. A friend of mine asked me if I was telling myself every morning that they weren't mine, and that one day they could go back home, and I said no. That's what I should have been doing, but knowing more about their case, and their caseworker giving me high hopes, I knew that it was looking likely that they would be staying, and bonding with the babies came so naturally.

A month after placement, the boys' parents had court to decided a permanency plan for the babies. The judge ruled in favor of adoption and to terminate the rights of the parents. Though it is what I wanted, it was hard to be happy watching a mother lose her children. Nothing of course is a sure thing until we sign the adoption papers, but their case worker has predicted that the adoption should be finalized before the end of this year, we're at least 2 court dates away from that day.

Our foster agent is thrilled for us, and can't believe that not only did our first foster placement turn into adoption, but also how quickly everything is moving along. Every day I look into their eyes and think to myself, "you're finally here". My baby boys are so beautiful and truly a blessing from God.

Our adoption journey has been long, and our story isn't final just yet, but through all the pain, disappointments and waiting, I would do it all over again, because they were well worth the wait. Some time ago an adoptive mother gave me this encouragement, she said, once you finally adopt, this time of waiting just melts away and disappears, and you won't even remember the waiting anymore. 

I am looking forward to adoption day, and my hope is to be able to write part 3 of our happily ever after in the coming months.

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