Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random memories

One of the reasons why I (try to) keep up with this blog is to record the memories that I make with my family. I haven't been keeping up with my posts too well, so I thought I would post some random memories from where I last left off  with Krispy Kreme, Chruch, a Gun Show, the Circus, and a Super Bowl. The following pictures are all pre new babies.

Here is a picture of the snow we had been hoping for the past 2 years, that finally arrived last winter, and the kiddos finally got to put their sleds into good use :)

That winter we also took the kids (not their first time) to the children's museum. I think their favorite part was the grocery store 

A first for the kiddos was trying out this donut burger at the Channel in downtown Greenville. It's actually surprisingly good!

Just before our babies arrived I had the wonderful opportunity of watching my niece and nephew for a few days.

The kiddos putting together their own pizza :)

Another first, their first guns...eeeek!

And this photo was actually taken the day the baby boys arrived, only we didn't know it yet, but here we are planting an apple tree in our back yard :)

Fun memories, and I plan on posting more real soon!

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