Friday, October 24, 2014

I Cut My Son's Hair!

Ove the past year, I have found a few Pinterest articles on cutting your son's hair. Maddox has asked me to do this before, but since I'm no professional I brushed it off. This is the same child who also asked me to homeschool him for 2 years before I took the leap of faith, and prayed this to be best. Maybe, just maybe this boy has a way with my heart, and knows how to push me past my fear. It's funny, I was suppose to ask my homeschool mama friends where they take their sons for a trim, and instead I was encouraged to just do it myself. The only advice given was, just do it, and learn from your mistakes. Scary right? I came home that day from our homeschool group to find that my husband had already cut his hair for the month, and he took the initiative to cut our 2 year old son, Mason's hair as well. I laughed and told him its funny that today must be haircutting day, and then revealed my plans. I watched a few youtube videos before I got started, and then just jumped in with my husband's clippers and hair scissors. I knew I would make a few mistakes, and I forgave myself when I did. I cut his bangs too short, and I know what I want to do next time to avoid this. I was happy with the fading, and I know that the youtube videos were a huge help. Overall, I was pleased. It wasn't too bad or too painful, and Maddox was happy with the results. 

The next day, I admired my good work and handsome boy and kept telling him how nice he and and hair looked. He eventually became annoyed with me and told me, "Mama, I know that I look good, stop telling me!" lol

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