Sunday, October 26, 2014

Potty Training Mason

Still months away from his 3rd birthday Mason is daytime potty trained! After already going through this potty training thing twice, I was kind of dreading it. I thought Mason would be my hardest child to train, but my big boy proved me wrong and has become my easiest so far!  I started training him the summer after his 2nd birthday. I didn't want the distraction of school in our way and I figured that summer was an acceptable time to allow your 2 year old to run around the house and backyard pantless. Just like my other 2, I simply put him in big kid undies and sat him on the toilet every 30 minutes, and declared "ut oh" when he peed on the floor. We started out using a toddler toilet, but now he uses the regular toilet just let the rest of us. The only set back we had was the short relapse he experienced during our move, but he is back on track now.  In recent weeks he has even gone potty without me! Mason wears his big boy underwear proud and we are proud of him. Our next step will be to get him night time potty trained, and then it won't be long before Jojo is ready for the potty too!

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