Monday, October 13, 2014

Home in Georgia

Moving down to Georgia was a substantial change for us, but we already feel right at home!

Though everyone was already excited about the move, we wanted to get the kids into the country spirit by offering them special gifts. Skylar and Maddox received BB guns, while Mason and Josiah slipped on new camo boots!

Just days after moving in we joined our new local homeschool group, Classical Conversations, where we meet once a week with other like minded Christian families, friends, and tutors. Tuesdays have quickly become the kids' favorite day of the week! I know that Skylar and Maddox miss their SC friends, but we were thrilled that within days both the kids made new friends, who we have since had a handful of playdates with outside of school.

Because my sister and her family traveled into town for a 2 and a half week visit, our first few weeks were made a little more adventurous. It was special having my sister and her family here for the extended stay, because it gave us a sneak peek in the near future for when her family plans to move back home to GA as well! Between Jessica and I, we have 3 toddlers ages 1, 1, and 2, we call them the triple threat, and I can't wait to watch these cousins grow up together! Grandma drove in for an extended stay too, we are leaving her behind in SC, which made the move bitter sweet, or as my grandma would tell you, just bitter, but as it would seem, no one in our family can go longer than a few days without calling or checking in on each other, so no one will be missed for too long before another call or visit is made. 

Living close to my parents (and soon my sister too), is one of the many reasons why we wanted to live in Georgia, another is to experience the country life. We wanted to get away from the city, and live a life slowed down, focusing on building stronger relationships with each other, our family, and our friends. This lifestyle has proven to do just that! We've only been here a few short weeks and the kids are already spending their free time fishing in the pond outside our home, shooting their bb guns in the yard, exploring the woods surrounding our 5 acres, and learning from their papa how to pick and boil fresh peanuts, scale and clean a fish, spray a cotton field, and dig a pond on papa's land. Our small town is surrounded by other small towns, this means there is a lack of restaurants and weekend night entertainment. Because the country lacks these city streets, and miles of entertainment, we are forced to gather with each other and make our own fun! The second week we were here, family friends invited us to attend a fish fry. The day before my kids journeyed out with my dad and his friends to fish for this fry, and together Skylar and Maddox caught 24 fish between them! This was our first night "out", and we had a good time with family and friends, enjoying fried fish, grits, and homemade slaw. 

With hunting season is in full swing, the real reason for my sister's visit wasn't to spend time with me, but so that her husband could go hunting on family land. My brother in law shot with a bow 4 deer while he was here, so as a family we gathered together in my parents's front lawn and processed the deer. I counted this as a field trip for the kids. Skylar thought it was gross, but Maddox relished in the manliness of it!

That night, after processing the deer and turning it into hamburger, we grilled burgers together at my place and set up a bonfire, inviting more family to join and delight in the night with us.

We still have plans to grow a garden, raise chickens, goats, and maybe even a pig or two. This past weekend Mitch and the kids worked hard in the yard to clean out the barns and the chicken coop. When animals do arrive, I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures and adventures to follow!

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